Past Working Groups

The Expert Group on Neutron Landscape – NLG – was mandated in 2014 by the Physical Sciences & Engineering Strategy Work Group, to develop a thorough analysis of the European Landscape of Research Infrastructures devoted to Neutron Scattering, and its evolution in the next decades.
ESFRI felt the urgency of such analysis, since many reactorbased neutron sources will be closed down in the next years due to national decisions, while the European Spallation Source – ESS – in Lund will be fully operative only in the mid or late 2020s. It was necessary to analyse at the appropriate level the implications in terms of capacity and capability of neutron science in Europe, both during the crossover period of national reactors with the ESS, and in the longer term. This rationale led ESFRI to create the Neutron Landscape Group – NLG, co-chaired by Prof. Colin Carlile, former Director General of the ILL and of the ESS, and Prof. Caterina Petrillo, now Vice-Chair of the ESS Council.