EU-SOLARIS (Project)
European SOLAR Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power
An effort to coordinate public and private sectors on Concentrating Solar Thermal and Solar Chemistry technologies

IFMIF-DONES (Project) 
International Fusion Materials Irradiation facility - DEMO Oriented NEutron Source
A unique Research Infrastructure for testing fusion materials in realistic conditions

MYRRHA (Project)
Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications
The very first prototype of multi-purpose hybrid nuclear research reactor for high-tech applications

WindScanner (Project)
WindScanner Facility
A large scale mobile experimental facility to better measure, model and exploit the wind and its energy resource

European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage technologies to enable low to zero CO2 emissions

JHR (Project)
Jules Horowitz Reactor
A high-flux facility for nuclear fuel and material performance, and for radioisotopes production