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European RIs vs COVID-19

We are currently experiencing a public health crisis unprecedented in the modern European history of the last decades. As thousands of European citizens are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 every day and the number of casualties is increasing rapidly, Europe needs a coordinated effort of all available knowledge and resources to fight the pandemic.

ESFRI believes that the opportunities provided by European Research Infrastructures to support the science-led response to the COVID-19 outbreak are extremely important. ESFRI is helping the scientific community by aggregating information about dedicated services offered by Research Infrastructures and communicating all relevant actions as broadly as possible. To this end, ESFRI has created this focused webpage that lists and provides quick links to the information gathered.

This page will be updated regularly, as more information becomes available from all over Europe. We would like also like to invite all national & European Research Infrastructures to provide any information on their COVID-19 related activities and services in order to be added to this page.

Please use and for any communication.

ESFRI Chair, Jan Hrusak, and the Executive Board of the Forum would like to express their sincere thanks to all Research Infrastructures for their eager response to this urgent call for information and for their overall motivation to provide their best services for this fight.

#ERAvsCorona Action Plan

This ESFRI initiative feeds into a larger set of coordinated R&I actions at EU level presented in the ERA vs. Corona Action Plan. The Action Plan sets out key measures to coordinate, share, and increase support for R&I.

In particular, for Research Infrastructures, funds are being added and re-oriented to support RI projects providing services and activities in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. In order to share research data, a European data exchange platform for Coronavirus is also being established in the framework of the European Open Science Cloud.

COVID-19 Services & Resources

Other COVID-19 Services & Resources
ENVRI community vs Coronavirus
The ENVRI community collection of the contributions of environmental RIs, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 Data Portal
The portal enables researchers to upload, access and analyse COVID-19 related sequence, expression and protein structure reference data.
EGI COVID-19 support initiatives
The EGI federation is committing computational resources and technical support to accelerate progress on COVID-19 research.
CatRIs: Aggregated catalogue of services and resources
CatRIs invites all Research Infrastructures offering services relevant to COVID-19 research to register them on the portal.
ERIC Forum against COVID-19
Dedicated services are set up by European Research Infrastructure Consortia to support researchers to find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.
Open Science against COVID-19
OpenAIRE will provide services to help in the sharing, discovery, navigation and collaboration of the global research community.
SCTO: Support for clinical trials and calls
Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO) support running studies and help researchers to react to calls in the context of COVID-19.
EFGCP: COVID-19 Clinical Trials repository
The European Forum for Good Clinical Practices (EFGCP) offers a dedicated repository of publications for Clinical Trials for COVID-19.
European Commission: response to COVID-19
The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
ERF-AISBL: Research Infrastructures for COVID-19 Research
ERF-AISBL has developed a dedicated website to collect information about COVID-19 related services of several Research Infrastructures. 
LEAPS: Rapid access to light source facilities
Dedicated beamtime in synchrotron and Free Electron Laser facilities, by LEAPS (League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources).
LENS: Priority access to neutron sources
LENS (League of advanced European Neutron Sources) offers special access channels to beamtime.